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What is a workstation?

A workstation is a high-powered PC used by engineers, artists, scientists, doctors and many other creative professionals. They are used to design spacecraft, run medical equipment and communicate information that will be consumed and shared by billions of people. System crashes, component breakdowns, and sluggish performance can bring work to a halt and result in several hours or days of lost productivity. When the user is a professional who must make every minute count, that kind of productivity loss is simply unacceptable. 

Building Reliability into Z By HP

For workstation users, system reliability is essential. That’s why we design our workstations to meet the challenges of the most demanding workloads and duty cycles— an HP focus for the past 30 years. Today, our three decades of workstation engineering innovation has created a level of reliability that is widely recognized in the industry. 
Want to learn more?  Review this white paper to see the steps we take to make the Z by HP Workstations name synonymous with rock-solid reliability.

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