Case Study Healthcare Enterprise-Grade Soft-Scanning

Case Study:  Healthcare Enterprise-Grade Soft-Scanning

With forward-thinking ingenuity, and patient care as a priority, Rush University Hospital, a Chicago-based academic health system, set out to improve the health of their patients and the diverse communities they serve. One of the first items on their list was to find the most efficient mobile solution to improve the varied prescribed medication process with accurate patient identification at the point of care.

In a study titled “Effect of the Implementation of Barcode Technology and an Electronic Medication Administration Record on Adverse Drug Events”, it was found that the implementation of eMAR and Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA) technology improved patient safety by decreasing the overall rate of adverse drug events (ADEs) and the rate of transcription errors.

To find their perfect solution, Rush turned to Epic’s iOS mobile application, Rover®, integrated with Code’s enterprise-grade barcode scanning software including  CortexDecoder®

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