Trade up to Microsoft Teams with Poly

November 27, 2019

Trade Up to Microsoft Teams with Poly

Poly is scheduled to launch CCX devices, a range of new Microsoft Teams phones with model configurations suitable for basic office use, knowledge workers and executives. 

If you need a phone today and want to reserve a Poly Team phone, this is the offer for you! Buy a qualifying Polycom VVX phone, along with a special Polycom Premier Services part number and get a native Microsoft teams capable device from Poly when the device is available to ship.

How the promotion works:
Order your eligible phones with the special Polycom trade up services part numbers on the same order. Each service part number ordered includes 2 years of Polycom Premier Services Support and one technology refresh phone upgrade for an eligible native Microsoft teams compatible device from Poly, subject to availability.
Offer valid until June 30, 2020. 
Complete the form today and a Connection Enterprise representative will contact you.
Terms and Conditions

1. This program is subject to the applicable product Services Description and Poly Sales Promotion Terms. For complete T&Cs, contact an authorized Polycom reseller prior to purchase to review the Services Description.
2. Ordering the Trade up to Microsoft Teams Service Package part numbers associated with this program are valid until
June 30, 2020.
3. Poly reserves the right to end ordering the service package order codes associated with specific Trade up to Teams device models in countries where these device models are available and shipping.
4. As part of the RMA refresh process, your Eligible Phone must be received prior to the end of your Premier Services Support term, but not later than December 31, 2020.
5. The customer must contact an authorized Polycom reseller prior their purchase and review the Services Description for the complete terms and conditions of the program.
6. This program is available in regions where eligible phones and Polycom Premier Services Support are offered, provided that this offer is not available in China, Russia, and any country subject to U.S., Singapore or European Union embargoes or sanctions. Country-specific restrictions and availability on the phone refresh upgrade may apply. Poly may modify this
program at any time or exclude countries where void or prohibited under applicable law.
7. The trade up to Teams services part number ordered must be on the same purchase order as the Eligible Phone (one per Eligible Phone). This program may not be combined with any other marketing program or promotional or offer.
8. This program is void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. Polycom reserves the right to modify or cancel this
program at any time. Polycom has the right to deny all claims that do not meet the criteria outlined in the program terms and conditions as set forth in the Service Description.



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