Top 5 Reasons to Lock Down Your Front Lines with New Computers

August 6, 2018

Many security threats start at your endpoints. Strengthen every point of entry across your organization from the inside with hardware-enhanced solutions powered by Intel® vPro™ technology.

1. Passwords need an upgrade.

Hardware-strengthened passwords need to transform for stronger Multifactor Authentication (MFA) that encompasses “something you know,” “something you are” and “something you have”.

2. Hardware and software make a great security team.

Devices are less susceptible when hardware, software and firmware form an integrated security solution. With Intel® Authenticate Solution, MFA is strengthened with hardware enhancements that help protect credential keys and IT policies in silicon.

3. Data gets around.

Today more work than ever happens beyond the firewalls. Intel® Data Guard, automatically protects your data locally - from creation throughout its lifecycle.

4. Help should always be close by.

In the event of an attack, stop a virus by using Intel® Active Management Technology to take compromised devices off the network remotely. Stay in control even if the OS is down or a device is powered off.

5. Software security is a good lock. Hardware is a steel door.

Hardware-enhancement strengthens software protection by anchoring critical validation processes and policies in the depth of the processor – further from reach and farther from sight.


Published by Intel

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