Learn How Zebra Healthcare Solutions Provide Better Connections and Care

September 30, 2020

Zebra Healthcare Technology Webinars

Whenever healthcare organizations find their edge, Zebra is there. That is why we hosted a series of webinars with Zebra about how their healthcare technology solutions can help healthcare professionals be more efficient, effective, and empowered to deliver better patient care.


Make the Right Call with Zebra Mobility

Watch Here

Join us to learn how Zebra mobile health solutions enable provider collaboration, simplify workflows, capture, and access patient information anywhere.



Connect Healthcare Professionals with the Power of One

Watch Here

Learn how Zebra’s Workforce Connect can give healthcare workers the power of one device that provides access to patient data and applications, PTT calls, PBX calls, and secure messaging.



Patient Identity Management Solutions

Watch Here

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how Zebra patient identity management solutions ensure the right patient gets the right care every time.



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