HPE SimpliVity Brochure

October 15, 2019

HPE SimpliVity with Composable Fabric for true hyperconvergence

Simplify the VM experience from data center to edge

To be successful and harness the opportunities that come with an “everything computes” world, enterprises must address a new generation of applications and data that span across multiple platforms and technologies. Because most IT environments are very complex, companies are searching for simpler infrastructure solutions that are agile, automated, scalable, and simple. Whether your applications and data reside in the data center, private or public clouds, at the edge of your network, or a combination of the above, you need the flexibility to operate seamlessly across all environments. A hyperconverged solution provides that flexibility and simplicity by converging compute, storage, networking, and advanced data services for virtualized workloads into one simple to manage, software-defined platform. Introducing HPE SimpliVity. 

Read more about HPE Simplivity in this white paper and then contact your account representative today for more information on HPE Simplivity can help provide your company with flexibility and simplicity.  

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