What's New for Enterprise with Apple

August 28, 2020

Highlights from WWDC

Apple held the WWDC on June 22 - June 26, 2020. Packed with great information, the conference had some great highlights for enterprise, revealing several new and exciting features and apps that will help organizations like yours thrive.

Mac transition to Apple Silicon Chips

Announced at the end of the event, Apple will be transitioning the Mac to its custom silicon chip, delivering leading performance and powerful new technology. This transition will make it easier for developers to write and optimize apps for the entire iOS ecosystem. 

Automate Mac Deployments

It is easier than ever to configure devices and get users started. IT can simply plug in devices into the Ethernet and Mac will locate the assigned MDM solution, automatically configuring it based on the MDM solution, saving your IT team time to set up each device.

New Mac Management Capabilities

With all the new updates, your IT teams have more management capabilities. Additionally, managed apps are now coming to macOS, a current feature of iOS and iPadOS. Provide your IT team more control when managing updates by giving them the option to defer updates to a later time.

Enhanced Platform Security

In iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, VPN connections can be made on a per account basis, which provides more control for IT over what data goes through VPN. 

What's New For Enterprise

These updates help tackle various challenges your business may be facing. Below are some keynote videos from WWDC that showcase how these various solutions may benefit your business.

Leverage Enterprise Identity and Authentication

Enterprise users rely more and more on identity every day. From signing into their devices to connecting securely to your protected network, identity has become the backbone of authentication. Check out this highlight from WWDC to learn how Apple is making strides to help your organization stay secure while making it easier for users to be productive.

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Build scalable enterprise app suites

Apple has a retail suite of Enterprise apps, that help retail businesses thrive. Apple Retail created a unified set of apps by adopting Swift Packages and testing for app scalability. 

  • Communication solutions - Help employees interact with customers and stay connected.
  • Maximize Profitability - track operations and manage stores.

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