Create Powerful Mobile Forms

November 20, 2020

Make Better Business Decisions with Connection and Apple

From safety inspections to work orders, to time tracking, and more, many businesses still rely on traditional paper forms to support a variety of functions. Unfortunately, these forms often create bad customer and employee experiences and require significant time to manage.

Forms play a critical role in carrying out important business tasks. Whether it’s completing an internal HR report or entering data from a remote site visit, the faster and more accurately a form can be completed, the better the experience for employees and their customers.

In today’s workforce, the need for a mobile form solution has increased even more due to social distancing measures and the increase in remote workers. 

The Mobile Form Solution is Here to Stay

Leveraging the power and mobility of Apple devices, ProntoForms on iPad offers a mobile solution that; allows employees to work faster, improve customer experiences, help meet compliance needs and empower business leaders to measure and track productivity in real time.

Today's business world has never been more mobile, so ProntoForms on iPad has made it easier for remote workers to cost effectively and efficiently collect data on a mobile device, access company data, and automatically share the results.

ProntoForms, designed for iPad, drives results by helping you:

  • Optimize processes
  • Create amazing customer experiences
  • Develop engaging information

Empower employees to capture data and complete tasks faster on their iOS or iPadOS® device. 

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