Key factors to consider when evaluating mobile computing carts

March 15, 2019

Has your facility refreshed or updated its point-of-care mobile computing cart fleet within the past 5-7 years? If it’s been longer than seven years, older carts could be negatively impacting your efficiency in multiple ways.

Mobile computing carts/workstations have improved dramatically in recent years. They have had to evolve, because these workstations carry an even heavier workload for the nurse and the facility. EHR proliferation is just one of the leading factors in mobile workstations’ advancements. The newest generation of carts include built-in proactive cart fleet management software that improves asset utilization and maximizes cart performance. They include accommodations for a wide spectrum of  hardware; small footprints; improved maneuverability; configurable storage; and impressive run-times.

Since a modern mobile workstation is so much more than just a computer on wheels, taking a thoughtful approach to planning and implementation before purchase is essential. Your facility should research and evaluate vendors, systems and equipment carefully before making a purchase. Most manufacturers such as Capsa offer complimentary product demonstrations at your facility so your nursing staff can take a “test drive.”

Here are the some key factors to consider when comparing modern mobile computing carts:

  • Reliable battery life allowing clinicians to continue working throughout the day
  • Ease of use, adjustability, and the cart weight and size for clinicians
  • Ability to support technology of choice
  • Flexibility to configure for multiple tasks
  • Product durability and quality
  • Storage and security needs
  • Support, service and warranty programs offered by manufacturer

Once your facility makes the move to refresh the fleet, we are confident you will achieve these positive outcomes:

  • Improved nurse workflow and technology accessibility
  • Reduced physical strain on nursing staff
  • Reduction in downtime related to battery depletion
  • Improved timely clinical documentation
  • More time at the bedside for increased patient interaction


Published June 13, 2018 by Capsa Healthcare

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